Unpublished Epilogue: Matuu and The Sail

Unknown to sailors of that time was the concept of windsurfing. With the mast able to pivot or lean in any direction the sailor has options a fixed mast cannot duplicate. As a sailboat moves through the air it almost always leans away from the wind, the apparent wind speed the sail feels increases as the boats speed increases. A windsurfer can lean the mast into the wind while sailing into the wind or across the wind. This is usually done in relatively high winds. As the sail is brought more parallel to the surface of the water the lift from the sail will cause the sail to act like an aircraft’s horizontal wing. This reduces the drag of the hull in the water and again allows an increase in speed. Windsurfers can fly briefly off waves and with two sails maybe they could soar.


~ by jmforceton on April 25, 2011.

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