Live or Die, & The Walk

Live or Die, & The Walk

Two books read this week. Other than the fact they were written by best selling authors of fiction who began by self-publishing, they had very little in common. They did, however, compliment each other in their contrasts.

Clancy’s Blackwood collaboration book, Live or Die, of some 400,000 plus words was panned on Amazon, with more negative than positive reviews. I’ve read many of Clancy’s books, and I read this one in three or four days. This book never caught fire for me, though I enjoyed the technical military and intelligence gathering aspects that are so well researched and presented. One topic that seemed to keep coming up was, the morality, versus necessity, of killing enemies in their sleep, or when unarmed, or to procure information, or in other circumstances. Waterboarding was confirmed as torture.

Richard Paul Evans’, The Walk, has 30,000, maybe 40,000, words and I read it in three or four hours. 80% of Amazon reviews were positive. This is a well-written feel good story with some good lines, but very short, and as you find out at the end, it is the first of a five book serial presentation. It’s really not a stand-alone piece as you are led to believe on the jacket. The end of the protagonist’s brilliant advertising career and personal fortune follows the tragic death of his most beautiful life long friend, his wife. He leaves everything, and begins a walk across the country meeting people who offer him life lessons that aid him in finding himself. He only crosses Washington state by the end of the book, and much of the book relates to what he ate, where he stayed, and who he talked to. Given the reviews mentioned above, the author knows his audience and this type of story is in demand.


~ by jmforceton on February 18, 2011.

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