Wanderer by Sterling Hayden

Wanderer by Sterling Hayden (published 1963)

Read this autobiography over the weekend. This was a very well written account by a man who could never remain satisfied. He was the “Wanderer”, and led a fascinating life.

A list of some of the locations written about includes Gloucester and Boston,  Massachusetts, San Fransisco, Washington D.C., Tahiti, Boothbay, Camden, and Dexter, Maine, Hollywood, and Bosnia.

In 1932 he sailed before the mast in Grand Banks fishing schooners. In 1937 he sailed around the world as a first mate. In 1938 he was the navigator for the famous, Thebaud, racing against the, Blue Nose.  (A replica of the Blue Nose schooner sits on a table next to my desk.) http://wn.com/Bluenose_vs_Gertrude_L_Thebaud He was a 6’5”, successful, Hollywood actor in the 40’s and 50’s. During WWII he, at one time, commanded 14 schooners, 6 ketches and 2 brigantines running the German blockade of Yugoslavia. In 1959, he essentially kidnapped his children during divorce proceedings, and sailed his own schooner to Tahiti.

He died in 1986 in Sausalito, California, which was where my book was purchased in the, Armchair Sailor Bookstore, on Caledonia St., by a young sailor sailing solo from Germany to Australia.


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One Response to “Wanderer by Sterling Hayden”

  1. Hi Jon,

    I’m checking out your web site from the class rosterr of bios. This is fascinating — I saw the name Sterling Hayden and thought — can it be the same one, the Hollywood actor from the forties/fifties??? I had no idea he had such a rich life outside movies.

    Very nice blog site, well done, I’m impressed. This writing course ooks to be a great & fun experience for us all.

    Nice to have met you and your blog.


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