North To The Night by Alvah Simon

North To The Night by Alvah Simon

Published in 1998, this is an actual account of the writer and his wife, who are sailors and adventurers. They sail their thirty-six-foot boat to northern Greenland’s Baffin Bay where they allow the boat to be ice locked for the winter in order to experience isolation, life at sixty below zero Fahrenheit, and constant night. They survive several near fatal mishaps while learning, from the Inuit and from nature, how life thrives in this unrelenting cold.

The story is very well written and compelling, full of interesting facts and philosophical discussions. A must read if you plan to live north of the arctic circle or elsewhere on earth for that matter.

Also interesting is the study of what motivates a couple to risk their lives in pursuit of this extreme adventure and experience.


~ by jmforceton on January 28, 2011.

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