Driving On The Rim by Thomas McGuane

This is the rambling story of Irving Berlin Pickett, a sometimes confused, free thinking, sometimes intelligent, always witty, square peg, would be physician, told in the first person objective. The story was colorful, set in western Montana, random in its frequent scene changes, and imaginative in the thought patterns and descriptions of the various characters and situations. Attny. Niles Throckmorton, Debbie Stands Alone, Tessa Lorionov, Jinx Mayhall and others combined with detailed accounts of small town medical practice, dancing Pentacostal holy rollers, ornithology, WWII, Crow Indians, serial sexual encounters, and just plain amusing sidebars, to create an interesting romp through Berl’s lifetime in Montana, U.S. of A. For example, a connection was made between the doctor’s Oldsmobile Starfire 88, the German King Tiger 88 tank, blue 88 pills for combat fatigue, HH (88) for Heil Hitler, and Ike Turner’s song, Rocket 88.


~ by jmforceton on January 19, 2011.

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