Mundane Science Fiction

I am voting to change the name of banal, of course I meant mundane scifi to, earthly scifi, and I do it reluctantly. At least earthly scifi has some sizzle to it. A better name must exist.

By the way, if you Google “mundane scifi” today, Deborah Walker’s post on Flash Fiction Chronicles, July 16, 2010, appears on the first screen.

“Hi, I write mundane scifi. What do you do?” “ Me, I write earthly scifi and it rocks. Not only is it mind expanding, but it’s probable, and I’m betting it’s relevant to my children and certainly their children’s children.”

My own scifi philosophy is still betting on infinite time. The rules for earthly (mundane) science apply and are relevant in the short term but in the long view those rules will not apply or be relevant to life.

The statement that quantum mechanical uncertainty and entanglement does not apply to the macro world is just out of date or soon will be.


~ by jmforceton on July 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mundane Science Fiction”

  1. Ah, a writer after my own heart. Earthly science fiction is a much better term. I also completely agree with your comment on my blog that it’s tempting to submit to the faster markets. Too bad most of the professional markets I would love to get an acceptance from have wait times of two months or more.

    • Yes, I’d like to eventually join the SFWA but they are all tough markets with long lead times for acceptance, but quick for rejections sometimes.

      Some of the quicker markets are also great about giving feedback, and that has real value for me.

      I do smile at some who turn everything around in a day or two with a simple form “no”, and others that seem to take anything once you are accepted.

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