Powerful Elegant Possibility

The Wall Act within the Brazilian themed and insect populated Cirque Du Soleil OVO, performance, featured robust golden crickets and slender red spiders. It was stimulating to the senses, original, so memorable, and it quenched a thirst for freshness.

Complex but simple routine skills of full stage trampoline acrobatics and climbers on an adjacent full stage rock cliff wall, combined in a way I had not seen before, hooked me from the first contorted leap. Strong limber crickets, acrobats leaping dropping thirty feet to rebound running up the side of the wall or suddenly sticking to the wall at the highest point. Rock wall climbers, supple red spiders, who were magical dancers and gymnasts, fluid, posing in unusual, unexpected ways, on the vertical plane, created a new reality, individually and together with the flying leapers, in a dynamic fresh composition.

Foreshadowed, oblong translucent larval eggs, eighteen inches long, having randomly appeared for the past hour among the human insect avatars in related acts, were now seen as luminescent eggs on the face of the cliff at ten-foot intervals.  Only then did we know where they came from.

The total effect was powerful, artistic yet athletic, elegant and yes, entertaining.

In the audience we could only marvel and applaud. Few of us could hope to create this scene or actually be a part of this ourselves.

As writers, how amazing it is to read a masterpiece, and know we can attempt, and at times succeed, in creating a similar work. Readers, in the grip of a master, can learn, experience anything, and be anyone with anyone in any situation that can be imagined.

Freshness, whether in new ideas or in new combinations of routine ideas, will always find and satisfy an audience.


~ by jmforceton on July 5, 2010.

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