Unleashed Raw Cold Power

Prelude – Unleashed Raw Cold Power


Oceans round cold Cape Horn,

Tierra del Fuego,

Patagonia’s southern tip,

World’s worst and wicked way.

Gale force, the winter winds preside

one day in three to shriek.


Old sailing ships so often lost,

and ships today in fear.

Wind and water currents meet,

from oceans east and west.

Hellacious howling winds must build,

forced between Antarctic ice

and endless Andes peaks


To this mounting rarest storm,

add icebergs

cast from fozen land

small islands doomed to roam.


The storm is now, winds off the chart,

to waves that tower sixty feet,

add rogues of fifty more.

Close your eyes, imagine.

Now in the perfect storm.



Unleashed Raw Cold Power


Mountain’s funneled fury,

Spawn chaos, round the Cape.

Herculean oceans writhe,

currents clash, erupt.


Screaming, piercing spray,

cloaking, telltale ice. Untethered,

lurks, cruel crags, submerged.



cold explosions roar,

pounding ragged shores.



diabolic darkness, looms.

Infuriated, frenzied flood,

shrieks of icy gales.


Unleashed demons, towering peaks,

Decapitated, howling foamy heads,

sheared by tempest’s, cold barbaric blade.

Colossal headless monsters writhe, curl, collapse,

Then like leering Phoenix, rise,

rage from death’s abyss.



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~ by jmforceton on April 4, 2010.

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