Chessmen, They Wait

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I took this photograph of the St. Louis 15th century chess set many years ago at the Louvre in Paris. A few years ago I wrote this short poem so I thought I should bring them together. It’s a good match but not perfect because someone moved several black pieces.


st louischessweb


Waiting Game

positions set

they wait

Queens, pawns


knights, rooks


who will move them


they wait


Kite String by Jon Forceton

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Thinking about writing short stories and poems around images. It may be time to put together a chap book with some new and old work like, Kite String.


Outer channel, open sea
crimson morning sky

Infernal black combustion
throbbing … gladly cut,
eternal windswept gas fumes pale,
breeze force fills the sail.

Troubles and the tethered life,
obscured on shrinking shore.

Fluid rocking firm acceleration,
fluent thought, revisit fresh
Refined reflections ebb and flow
above the restive depths.

All is wind blown, floating free
as if at kite string’s
distant soaring end…

… Too soon,
the kite string reels us back,
returned and yet, refreshed.
Truth, our life and loves ashore,
amid the motor’s roar.

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, Chesapeake Bay

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This is a recent addition to the Forceton Art Shop on ETSY.

The way lighthouses were meant to be seen. From the water.



Additions to the Forceton Art Shop on Etsy

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Forceton Arts – Canvas Gallery Wraps

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Photographic Digital Art
Visit the Forceton Art shop on Etsy to purchase Canvas Gallery Wraps click Here

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Forceton Art on Etsy

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Been working on the creation of an Etsy photographic art online store offering canvas gallery wraps.

Photographic art for me involves the attempt to capture beauty and offer some measure of pleasure and satisfaction to the viewer.

You see something interesting. You stop to look at it. Maybe it makes you think for a moment. You enjoy it.

Another pleasure of mine is writing. Much the same applies. Something catches your attention. You read something. It triggers thoughts. You enjoy it.

Simple ideas that can be very complicated in practice.

You can visit the Etsy store at 




Read In August

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Decided to spend my time reading in August. Enjoyed reading the following random selection of books.

Gore Vidal, The Golden Age

Dan Brown, Deception Point

Pat Conroy, South of Broad

Jay Parini, Passages of HM

Orson Scott Card, Empire

John Grisham, The Appeal

John Casey, Compass Rose